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 Our Materials    Helpful Hints

  • Wood: Every tree is unique, which is why, when you select this material, a broad range of colours and grains can be found in each piece of wood.  Some types of wood provide more variety, like cherry and pine, whereas others are more consistent, like maple, birch or bamboo.  In addition, we also offer a wide range of stains to choose from. Through the perfect mix of colours and wood, we can give you the desired effect and ambiance you envision.


  • PVC: Thermoplastic (pvc) cabinets consist of a pvc membrane moulded by heat onto an mdf (medium density fiberboard) panel.  They can have the look of wood, but at a lower cost.  This material is quite resistant to impacts and is easy to maintain.


  • Polyester: Doors made of polyester consist of an mdf frame and a laminated central panel which are available in various colours.  Although very similar to pvc, polyester has the advantage of being very heat resistant and having a look similar to wooden doors due to their frame and central panel design. Also, this material is easy to clean.


  • Melamine (Laminate): Melamine is now offered in wide range of colours and different designs.  This diversity allows us to give your kitchen style, but at a lower cost.


  • Counters: For selecting counters, there is a spectrum of colours and materials geared to meet both your needs and budget.


     Laminated counters are available in a variety of styles, colours and finishes.  It is possible to customize the shape
     of the nosing and the backsplash according to your taste. If you want seamless counters and/or with a solid wood
     nosing, we will be pleased to produce these customized items in our workshop.

     It is also possible to choose another range of product, such as granite or quartz. These materials are known for
     Their durability, while at the same time, adding a great deal of value and elegance to your kitchen.